Traveling to Prague

Traveling to Prague

See the Infant Jesus of Prague 

Situated in the Mala Strana in the core of the city, the Infant Jesus of Prague (otherwise called the Child of Prague) is a Roman Catholic sculpture of Jesus Christ as a baby. Ordinary many adherents visit this holy place to ask, bow and make wishes trusting that they will work out as expected. The actual sculpture is encased in a lavish overlaid altar and keeping in mind that the beginning of the figure is obscure, it has been traced all the way back to the sixteenth Century. 

Investigate the Old Town Square 

Notwithstanding Prague’s exuberant history of intrusions, the Old Town Square has remained generally immaculate since the tenth Century. Multitudes of travelers swarm the recorded roads, pressing out the outdoors cafés regular. The actual square is the ideal spot to appreciate the awesome engineering Prague has to bring to the table and assuming that isn’t your thing, the different road entertainers, artists and vendors that line the roads here will absolutely keep you engaged. 

Watch the Astronomical Clock Strike an Hour 

While in the Old Town Square, time your visit to the Old Town Hall with the goal that you can watch the exhibition of the mechanical clock denoting the turn of 60 minutes. The actual clock is on the south essence of the municipal center and is the pride of Prague. It was inherent the fifteenth century and in spite of being harmed and fixed during its lifetime, it is broadly viewed as the best saved middle age mechanical check on the planet. The show on the hour never neglects to disillusion the numerous spectators. 

Walk Around the Town Square 

Whoever said that “the best things in life are free” may well have been alluding to the Charles Bridge in Prague. A straightforward stroll across the fourteenth Century connect is quite possibly the most pleasant and important encounters of visiting Prague. The scaffold was dispatched in 1357 by Charles IV to supplant a more seasoned extension that had been washed away by floods. Although finished in 1390, with the striking sculptures included the seventeenth century, the scaffold didn’t take Charles’ name until the nineteenth century. 

Witness the old Jewish Ghetto 

The Jewish quarter, otherwise called Josefov, is situated between the Old Town and the Vltava River. Its set of experiences started in the thirteenth century when Jews living in Prague were requested to abandon their homes and get comfortable in this one region. The Jews were prohibited from living elsewhere around there and were joined by individual ousted Jews from other European nations. To add to their difficulty, numerous structures in the space were obliterated in the late nineteenth century when the urban communities format was renovated. Luckily, numerous huge verifiable structures remain including six places of worship and are certainly worth a visit.

The Best Restaurants In Turquoise, Turkey

The Best Restaurants In Turquoise, Turkey

Do you ever find it hard to look for restaurants where you can dine in Turkey? Sometimes the wide array of options in this beautiful country can be overwhelming. So we have listed some of the best restaurants that you can choose from.

7 Mehmet, Antalya

One of Antalya’s longest-settled eateries satisfies its notoriety for phenomenal food, however its area, at the edge of the AKM Culture Park west of the downtown area, isn’t the most advantageous. Luckily the perspectives from the flawless porch, east to the precipices fronting the core of the city and southwest over the Bay of Antalya to the mountains of Lycia, more than redress. It has generally Mediterranean dishes on its menu.

Aubergine, Kalkan

Kalkan’s most brilliant café is arranged right on the harbor front. One of only a handful hardly any eateries to remain open all year in this blossoming town, it has an occasionally changing menu and is unquestionably more brave than the normal Turkish eatery, with curries and even wild hog having their spot close by the staple fish, kebabs and pastas.

La Vie, Dalyan

Part of a column of eateries that line the banks of the Dalyan River, here you can sit out on the wooden decking and look over the waterway at the delightfully cut Lycian burial chambers in the bluff inverse. Particularly when lit up around evening time, they give a supernatural background to a sentimental night feast. La Vie serves normal plain Turkish food, alongside anglicized Italian options at sensible costs.

Bolu Sofrası, Alanya

Alanya has too many traveler orientated eateries. This one, on a mysterious junction behind the western sea shore, is equipped to local people and the food is correspondingly better worth and more delicious. The city of Bolu is popular for its cooks and specialities incorporate Bolu Kuru Fasuliye (borlotti beans in a rich pureed tomatoes), yogurt-covered Bolu Mantı (a sort of ravioli) and kuzu sırım (boned sheep shank).

Best Luxury Hotels in Cozumel

Best Luxury Hotels in Cozumel

 Are you planning to spend a vacation in Cozumel? Well, hotels play a big role in any vacation. Imagine coming home to your hotel after a day-long trip. You’re tired and sleepy but when your hotel offers a great accommodation, it will always make a difference. So here is the list of the best hotels in Cozumel.

 The Westin Cozumel

 Just 100 meters from Playa San Juan, this hotel is a great choice if you want to have a luxurious stay during your Cozumel vacation. Quite ostensibly, the Westin Cozumel is a 5-star hotel with lots of exciting features. Things like a restaurant, free private parking, and an outdoor swimming pool make this place a favorite of many tourists. The best part is that it is situated near a cove so if you don’t feel like swimming in the pool, the cove is just nearby.

 Iberostar Cozumel

 Fitness centre, a bar and a garden. Yes, this hotel seems to have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Although it is quite pricey, you won’t regret its customer service plus the kids club is amazing. Iberostar stands out with its beautiful rooms and courteous staff. Just a tip, the hotel is quite full especially during peak season. It would be best to book in advance to reserve the best room with the best view.

 Playa Azul Cozumel

 Playa Azul definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list especially if you golf. Located in the northwest coast of the island, Playa Azul is a family owned hotel with 50 rooms. Aside from providing guests unlimited access to the golf course, it also offers a wide array of exciting activities for non-golfers such as joining the on-site scuba center or relaxing at the Savia Spa.

The Explorian Cozumel

 If you haven’t experienced staying in a casita-style room, this is where you should stay.  It is an all-inclusive resort that is best for families and since it is located nearby Chankanaab National Park and Mayan ruins, it makes it a great access point for your activities.

Hotel B Cozumel

 When you’re on a vacation, the last thing you think is going back to the hotel. But what if your hotel offers just everything you need like a floating pontoon dock for sunbathing, an iconic view of the beach, floating bar, and a lively nightlife. If you think this sounds cool, then Hotel B is definitely for you. Hotel B will also give you the Mexican feel as its rooms are kitted out with crafts by Mexican. This place is just full of things to adore and most of all, a lot of activities that will not bore you out.

5 Things You Should Know Before Touring Morocco

5 Things You Should Know Before Touring Morocco

We have all seen how captivating Morocco is in Hollywood movies. That is why it is hard to resist going to this country. The blue city of Chefchaouen and Tangier are just a few of the wonderful tourist spots that are worth visiting. So if you are planning to visit this beautiful country, here are a couple of things that you should know.

  1.   Marrakesh is too common, head to Fez instead

Almost every tour package going to Morocco would include Marrakesh. However, while Marrakesh features a great desert oasis and labyrinthine, it has become too common for tourists. Almost every year thousands of tourists flock into this city making it too crowded and less appealing for first-timers. If you want to enjoy a piece of Morocco, we suggest that you go to Fez which is just 297km east of Casablanca. Fez features an ancient Arabic architecture that is well preserved by the locals. Unlike Marrakesh the streets here are not too crowded.

  1.   You can photograph the place but not the people around

Enjoy taking pictures of the wonderful places in Morocco. Just make sure you don’t include the people around. If you happen to be unlucky, some locals can really be sensitive and will tell you directly to delete your photo that includes a smidge of their image.

  1.   Don’t fall for the Magic Carpet Trick

A lot of people come to Morocco for the so-called magic carpet. Vendors will often tell you hyped-up claims about their originally woven antique magic carpet that you should buy more expensive ones, so  you can sell them at double the price when you go back home. While there are really magical carpets around Morocco, not every vendor in town sells the same. You could actually fall for the wrong carpet and end up buying fake ones.

  1.   Ride the train to Fez

Going by plane is convenient but most of the attractions in Morocco can be seen by train. The train usually run from Marrakesh to Fez and can take 10 hours.  You can rest throughout your journey or enjoy the scenery as you ride.

  1.   Forget about dieting

If you go to Morocco only to tour around, you are wasting your time. Morocco is a country for people with a big appetite. In fact, their services are huge. For $3 to $6 you can enjoy Morocco’s national dish called “tagine”, which a North African stew that combines lamb, chicken, and fish.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Namibia

Popular Tourist Destinations in Namibia

Africa is a continent that is both diverse and breathtaking with countries. But for those who are looking forward to a perfect place to begin their African expedition, Namibia should be listed first. Be it the amazing design, the rich wild animals, the breathtaking landscapes or the mighty dunes, there are various locations to visit in Namibia that will sweep you off your feet.

The Kalahari Desert

It is a little bit misleading. While it’s practically a desert, it also houses very local settings– several of which are non-deserts! One of the best instances is Succulentlent Karoo. Right here you’ll find an incredible 5000 various plant species. Fifty percent of which are native to Namibia! On top of that, there is way too much plant insurance coverage for a regular desert.

Fish River Canyon

This is the largest canyon in Africa and also the second biggest worldwide! It’s 160km long, 27km vast in some places and as much as 550m deep! It’s no surprise its ruggedness makes it the 2nd most preferred visitor destination in Namibia. It’s no surprise its ruggedness makes it the 2nd most preferred vacationer attraction in Namibia. You can invest a day hiking along the edge, or go into the canyon for a real experience!


It’s difficult to consider a much more spectacular sunrise than the one at Sossusvlei. You understand, the one of the daybreak peering over several of the highest possible sand dunes on the planet, lighting up the sand? This could be a great chance for you to observe.


Swakopmund is the 4th biggest city in Namibia. It’s a coastline resort in the Namib desert, the oldest desert on the planet! It’s sand and sea– well the Atlantic Ocean, make it popular with Namibian tourists also. It’s one of the minority areas in Namibia where you can find charming cafes, so benefit from a couple of days right here. Dolphin cruises are prominent, as is sandboarding!


Not to be missed out on is Namibia’s other UNESCO World Heritage Site, Twyfelfontein. Here you’ll find among the largest petroglyphs/rock inscriptions in all of Africa! The drawings remain in red ochre. They extend at least 2000 years as well as highlight the hunter-gatherer way of living! It’s a cool place to invest a couple of hours exploring.

Etosha National Park

Etosha is Namibia’s best wild animals sanctuary and a not likely one at that. Much of it is a big salt pan, so big that it can be seen from the area! This works in wildlife lovers favor, however. In wintertime, wildlife congregates at the waterholes, basically guaranteeing wildlife discoveries!


Namibia is the cheetah funding of the world with 3000! The fastest pet on earth can reach speeds of approximately 113km/hour. The Cheetah Conservation Fund is open daily of the year, except for Christmas. They supply a variety of activities from instructional discussions and also feedings to cheetah runs where you can see them at work! Examine their timetable ahead of time to take advantage of your visit.

Top foods you should try in Namibia:


Exploring Africa should be on your bucket list.  It is diverse and beautiful and worth the trip.  Enjoy!

Vacationing in Denmark

Vacationing in Denmark

Jutland is the main part of Denmark, and it is a peninsula located towards the north of Germany. It also has other islands with Zealand and Funen being the biggest.


The climatic condition in Denmark is mild and it is often wet and rainy there because it is located on the coast. The summers in Denmark are really cool with an average temperature of 19oC with a fairly cold temperature in winter with an average high of 1oC.


The nine regional centers in Denmark are as follows:

  • Copenhagen (København): this is the capital city of Denmark and the largest. Copenhagen is a really vibrant capital and there are lots of things to see and experience here.
  • Aarhus: this is the second largest city in Denmark and the main city of the Jutland peninsula. It is famous for its historic open-air museum.
  • Esbjerg
  • Aalborg: there is a beautiful city center here and the Jomfru Ane Gade is located here too, where you’ll get the best nightlife in the city.
  • Herning: has a great entry point to the western coast beaches in Jutland.
  • Rønne
  • Sønderborg
  • Odense: this is the home to Egeskov Castle (one of the most preserved Renaissance castle situated in Europe.
  • Nykøbing Falster: you can set out to the mighty chalk cliffs of Møn, explore the old abbey and the castle, or even visit the good beaches on the islands.


Eating out in Denmark could be really expensive. You can try pizza stands and kebab shops for a budget meal. The traditional Danish meals are made with seafood, so expect lots of herring in your dish. Heart meat, particularly pork is also popular in Denmark.

Wherever you choose to eat, avoid restaurants with multiple languages on their menu.


Denmark is generally an expensive country. All the consumer goods and services have a sales tax of 25% which has already been included in the displayed prices. Buying food or drinks can be really expensive if you are on a budget.

Holland is Beautiful All Year Round!

Holland is Beautiful All Year Round!

Holland is a place to visit every season for holiday. No need to think twice to visit here. A day out in Holland means enjoying culture in cities, fishing, and cycling in summer, Ice skating in winter, tulips in spring and soaking in culture in autumn. Holland is full of sports, activities, history, sightseeing, and nature. Likewise a great place for shopping or dining.

Here, we’ll share the things and activities you should add to your list during the holidays and a day out in Holland.

Adventure to Duinrell Theme Park

The best adventurous thing to do with your family or friends. Enter this exciting Duinrell Theme Park, with its fabulous water park. The best part is, it’s free for all of their customers.  There is a variety of accommodation available including lodging, tents and shift able caravans. Likewise, bike and kart hire is available. Denial has been the most favored swimming pool, due to the longest waterslides. This would be your day spent well.

Feel Sea Life in Scheveningen

The next thing to do is to visit Scheveningen for sea life. Here, you’ll get a chance to feel the sea life closely.  From shrimps to sharks, seahorses to stingrays, you can walk with the fishes, thanks to the huge underwater tunnel. This is a place to relax your mind and going with water flow. If you love the sea life, then this is a place for you.

Venture to Madurodam

It’s small but full of treasure. Also known as a ‘miniature’ city at showing Holland’s highlights in the smallest detail. It is a miniature park and one of the best tourist attractions in the Scheveningen. Here, you’ll see a range of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities, and large developments. Millions of tourists visit here until now, you should also visit once.

Exploring Royal Holland – The House of Orange-Nassau

For the history lover, this is a must visit, a place to see the royal history of Holland. The members of the House of Orange-Nassau have created and shaped Holland. Every king and queen worked for the betterment of Holland in their own way, for instance for freedom, stimulating art and culture, or improving social appearance. The rich history of the House of Orange-Nassau has left its mark in various places in Holland, this is like the formation of Holland. So, you should start your holiday by visiting this place first.

Nature Walks

For peace and nature lovers, Holland‘s numerous nature reserves include the Wadden Sea to the North. Here, you can walk on the golden sand for miles and step in when the tide goes out to discover what’s left on the sand. The Hoge Veluwe National Park can be discovered either on foot for a nature walk or using 1,000 free bikes depending upon your choice.

Diving & Water Sports

There are a couple of lake diving centers in Holland. The most popular Lakes of Holland is Vinkeveen, with a large designated diving zone, and many more water sports where you can discover crystal waters and underwater objects.

Events Diary

Here, you’ll find numerous events, but to be a part of those events you have to plan your holiday accordingly. Like, Scheveningen Kite Festival held at the end of September on Scheveningen Beach annually, offers a chance to watch kites of different shape and colors to fill the skies with grace. Second is Rotterdam Marathon

The biggest one-day sporting event on Saturdays and Sundays where you can see the world’s top athletes alongside thousands of other runners. One more astounding event is Flower Parade, again the annually organized event, Flower parade begins at Noordwijk on Saturday and finishes in Haarlem in the night, displaying bright colors and aroma.

We hope the above-mentioned things are enough to help you in planning a long holiday in Holland. What are you thinking then? Come and discover Holland! Book your next holiday in Holland. You should plan a holiday to Holland every season of short span, this way in less time you can experience Holland incredibly.

Visit Cozumel in the Off-Season

Visit Cozumel in the Off-Season

Cozumel is a very beautiful island situated just thirty minutes off the shore of Rivera Maya. The islands in Cozumel boasts some of the best diving spots and snorkelling in the entire Caribbean. Also, there are so many things you can do and see on the land as well. To help you get ready for your trip to the wonderful islands in Cozumel, we’ve organised some helpful tips to help you have a wonderful vacation in the islands.

Ferry away: Cozumel is an island, this means- asides from flying in and out by airplane, the only way to get to the island is by a ferry. If you are coming or going, always try to make sure you are aware of when the last ferry sails in order not to miss the boat. The last ferry from Playa del Carmen leaves for Cozumel at 11 pm and at 10 pm from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen.

Make sure you learn about the traffic signs: If you choose to rent a car, then this is important to you. Traffic signs in Cozumel aren’t totally tourist friendly. Most are in Spanish, and they may be way different than what you see regularly. However, you don’t have to panic; you can ask the locals or the car rental shop for information and advice.

Money!: when you are making larger purchases in Cozumel, it is better to pay in pesos. There are several ways of exchanging your dollars to pesos, and the most economic and simplest way to do so is to withdraw from any ATM at any bank, rather than the ones on the streets. You’ll get the best exchange rate this way.

Best places to swim: There are so many options for taking a swim or going snorkelling. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you swim at the South side of the island because the currents on the Northern side are much stronger and not safe for swimming.

Have some fun and enjoy the Caribbean: Relax, relax and relax! You are in Cozumel on vacation, all you have to do is ease off the stress of the big cities, the everyday traffic and all the noises. Enjoy the experience and change of pace, be yourself, have fun!