Holland is Beautiful All Year Round!

Holland is a place to visit every season for holiday. No need to think twice to visit here. A day out in Holland means enjoying culture in cities, fishing, and cycling in summer, Ice skating in winter, tulips in spring and soaking in culture in autumn. Holland is full of sports, activities, history, sightseeing, and nature. Likewise a great place for shopping or dining.

Here, we’ll share the things and activities you should add to your list during the holidays and a day out in Holland.

Adventure to Duinrell Theme Park

The best adventurous thing to do with your family or friends. Enter this exciting Duinrell Theme Park, with its fabulous water park. The best part is, it’s free for all of their customers.  There is a variety of accommodation available including lodging, tents and shift able caravans. Likewise, bike and kart hire is available. Denial has been the most favored swimming pool, due to the longest waterslides. This would be your day spent well.

Feel Sea Life in Scheveningen

The next thing to do is to visit Scheveningen for sea life. Here, you’ll get a chance to feel the sea life closely.  From shrimps to sharks, seahorses to stingrays, you can walk with the fishes, thanks to the huge underwater tunnel. This is a place to relax your mind and going with water flow. If you love the sea life, then this is a place for you.

Venture to Madurodam

It’s small but full of treasure. Also known as a ‘miniature’ city at showing Holland’s highlights in the smallest detail. It is a miniature park and one of the best tourist attractions in the Scheveningen. Here, you’ll see a range of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities, and large developments. Millions of tourists visit here until now, you should also visit once.

Exploring Royal Holland – The House of Orange-Nassau

For the history lover, this is a must visit, a place to see the royal history of Holland. The members of the House of Orange-Nassau have created and shaped Holland. Every king and queen worked for the betterment of Holland in their own way, for instance for freedom, stimulating art and culture, or improving social appearance. The rich history of the House of Orange-Nassau has left its mark in various places in Holland, this is like the formation of Holland. So, you should start your holiday by visiting this place first.

Nature Walks

For peace and nature lovers, Holland‘s numerous nature reserves include the Wadden Sea to the North. Here, you can walk on the golden sand for miles and step in when the tide goes out to discover what’s left on the sand. The Hoge Veluwe National Park can be discovered either on foot for a nature walk or using 1,000 free bikes depending upon your choice.

Diving & Water Sports

There are a couple of lake diving centers in Holland. The most popular Lakes of Holland is Vinkeveen, with a large designated diving zone, and many more water sports where you can discover crystal waters and underwater objects.

Events Diary

Here, you’ll find numerous events, but to be a part of those events you have to plan your holiday accordingly. Like, Scheveningen Kite Festival held at the end of September on Scheveningen Beach annually, offers a chance to watch kites of different shape and colors to fill the skies with grace. Second is Rotterdam Marathon

The biggest one-day sporting event on Saturdays and Sundays where you can see the world’s top athletes alongside thousands of other runners. One more astounding event is Flower Parade, again the annually organized event, Flower parade begins at Noordwijk on Saturday and finishes in Haarlem in the night, displaying bright colors and aroma.

We hope the above-mentioned things are enough to help you in planning a long holiday in Holland. What are you thinking then? Come and discover Holland! Book your next holiday in Holland. You should plan a holiday to Holland every season of short span, this way in less time you can experience Holland incredibly.