Tips for a Mediterranean Cruise

When it comes to Europe’s cruise regions, the Western Mediterranean is the most popular being loaded with lots arts and culture, surf and sand, cafe hopping and boutique shopping. It covers the vast variety of European sights, structures, and activities.

Most cruise lines on the Western Mediterranean typically cover ports in Spain, France, and Italy along with few interesting through the way. Look out for beautiful stops like Portugal, Canary Islands, Morocco, Monte Carlo and Gibraltar.

Here are some of the highlights of Western Mediterranean Cruise Port Highlights –

  1. Barcelona, Spain.

The capital city of Spain’s Catalonia region is one of Europe’s most beautiful and highly-visited places. This can be seen in its vibrant architecture, a blend of Gothic spikes and modern curves, designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. The old Barcelona is amazing for a day-trip, with museums, shopping, and cafes.

2 Florence, Italy-

Florence is one place that should definitely be on your Mediterranean cruise itinerary. This city is a timeless gem of the historic Italian Renaissance. Great artists like Giotto, Ghiberti, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo who worked in the city around 15th Century, ¬†created epitomes of paint and sculpture art, that can still be seen in Italy’s Florentine churches, civic buildings, grand palazzi and world-class museums like the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia.

3 Naples and Sorrento, Italy-

Naples or Sorrento is an exciting place to explore a historic city once buried by a volcano. A lot of the artifacts were removed from Pompeii and installed at the archaeological museum located in Naples, and you should visit them once you have tasted the city’s famous pizzas.

4 Nice/Monte Carlo/Cannes, France-

All you gotta do once you reach the French Riviera is take an amazing coastal drive, and you’ll see some of the most beautiful sights in your life. When you go down from Cannes, world-famous for its film festival, you’ll reach the Saint-Tropez, an unrealistic fishing village that’s more of a maze of tiny, ornate streets and colorful pink-tinged facades. While in Monte Carlo, it’s a must to check out the famous casino, the royal palace, and the Oceanographic Museum.